Petition for O’Hare Noise Relief

Sign on to Alderman Laurino’s O’Hare Noise Initiate:

  • Work with the airlines and Chicago Department of Aviation to replace old aircraft models with the newer, quieter models.
  • Continue pressing the CDA and FAA to convene new federal hearings.
  • Use the results of the November 4th anti-jet noise referendum that Alderman Laurino sponsored to pressure the FAA to revisit the noise contour lines and to perform an environmental impact study.
  • Demand additional noise monitors so we can make more 39th Ward homes eligible for soundproofing.
  • Keep all the old and new runways open 24 hours a day to fairly distribute air traffic patterns.

If you agree, please add your name to the petition below and take the added step of sharing it with your friends and neighbors.

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