Alderman Margaret Laurino is dedicated to addressing community issues, fighting for capital improvements, and initiating efficient city services in the Ward. Her accomplishments include increased school funding, reduced crime, and infrastructure improvements like the following:

  • 1Opened state-of-the-art, 17th District Police station at 4650 North Pulaski, which serves all the residents of the 39th Ward.
  • Working with other Northwest Side Aldermen in holding hearings to fight O’Hare Airplane Noise
  • Secured funding for a new Albany Park Multicultural Academy at Sawyer and Ainslie.
  • Over $5 million in improvements to single family homes and affordable apartments
  • Expanded food pantry that provides groceries for hundreds of 39th Ward families
  • Secured funding to expand Wolters Kluwer at Peterson and Pulaski, which helped retain 400 jobs and created over 45 new jobs.
  • Relocated the Edison Gifted School to Albany Park.
  • Supported the Albany Park Theater Project, a Chicago Park District Arts Partners in Residence at the Eugene Field Cultural Center. The Albany Park Theater Project has won national acclaim for their work with area teenagers.
  • Conducts Tax Appeal Seminars to provide 39th Ward homeowners the tools and assistance to appeal their property taxes
  • Expanded the popular Blue Cart recycling program throughout the entire 39th Ward.
  • Organized block clubs and community watch groups ward wide
  • Conducted the Veteran Resource Fair at North Park Village
  • Conducts one-on-one counseling with property owners to make sure they are receiving all of the tax exemptions they are entitled to.
  • Worked to fund and construct new streetscape projects on Foster Ave and Pulaski Avenue, which includes new sidewalks, decorative street lighting, planters and benches.
  • Miles of street and alley repairs performed in every 39th Ward community
  • Worked with the Board of Health to bring free flu Shots and H1N1 Shots to families and senior citizens.
  • Worked with business community to bring new Restaurant Depot to Peterson Pulaski Business and Industrial Corridor that created more than 60 union jobs to the ward.
  • Currently working to secure funding for the design and construction of the Weber Spur Bike Trail. This “rails to trails” project will be longer than the current Bloomingdale project and will connect with other off street bike trails that reach as far as Wisconsin.
  • Secured State and local funding for new playgrounds at Gompers Park, Eugene Field Park, Sauganash Park, North Mayfair Playlot, Hollywood Park, Anthony DeJulio Playlot.
  • Recognized by FOX News Chicago as one of fourteen Aldermanic Ward Offices with a perfect score for returning constituent service requests.


Alderman Laurino has earned a reputation as a productive and thoughtful leader, which is why her aldermanic colleagues chose her to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Chicago City Council. Her key citywide initiatives include:

  • 2Mandating annual online ethics training for all City employees.
  • Regulating restrictive covenants on property once occupied by grocery and drug stores. The law was hailed as the first of its kind and will hasten the return of needed services to a community.
  • Worked with City departments to create access to streaming video of Chicago City Council meetings.
  • Enacting the TIF Sunshine Ordinance that requires the posting of detailed information about each of the City’s tax increment finance districts on the City’s website.
  • Creating the Aldermanic intern program, which provides college students with a unique work experience and the opportunity to learn City government operations.
  • Convening the Food Desert Task Force to provide recommendations to alleviate the disparity of grocery store locations in the City.
  • Banning texting while bicycling.
  • Advancing the first Pedestrian Plan, to make the City safer and more accessible.


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