About Margaret Laurino – Alderman 39th Ward

1aboutpageAs a lifelong resident of the 39th Ward, Margaret Laurino is dedicated to addressing community issues, fighting for capital improvements, and initiating efficient city services in the Ward.

Her accomplishments include increased school funding, reduced crime, and infrastructure improvements.

Alderman Laurino has a reputation as a productive and thoughtful leader. Her key citywide initiatives include:

  • Mandating annual ethics training for all City employees.
  • Regulating restrictive covenants on property once occupied by grocery and drug stores. The law was hailed as the first of its kind and will hasten the return of needed services to a community.
  • Video streaming Chicago City Council meetings.
  • The TIF Sunshine Ordinance that requires the posting of detailed information about each of the City’s tax increment finance districts on the City’s website.
  • Creating the Aldermanic intern program, which provides college students with a unique work experience and the opportunity to learn City government operations.
  • Convening the Food Desert Task Force to provide recommendations to alleviate the disparity of grocery store locations in the City.
  • Banning texting while bicycling.
  • Advancing the first Pedestrian Plan, to make the City safer and more accessible.

As an advocate for quality education, Margaret Laurino successfully fought for funding improvements to every 39th Ward school and for constructing a new Albany Park Library.

39th Ward infrastructure improvements are a Laurino priority. Under her leadership over 300 residential blocks, 100 alleys, and major arterial streets were repaved or resurfaced.
And thanks to her dogged determination, a state-of-the-art 17th District Police station was built.

As a co-founder of the Peterson-Pulaski Business and Industrial Council, the Sauganash Chamber of Commerce, and the Pulaski Elston Business Association, Alderman Marge Laurino is able to help retain and attract jobs to Chicago’s Northwest side.

Alderman Laurino has improved the lives of senior citizens throughout the Ward. She worked with the City’s Department of Housing to construct a 97-unit senior building in the Mayfair neighborhood; secured funding for home improvement grants for senior citizen homeowners; and works diligently to provide city services to the 500 senior citizens who reside at North Park Village.

For her fairness and experience, Margaret’s colleagues chose her to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Chicago City Council, which allows her to preside over City Council meetings when the Mayor is absent from the Council Floor. Alderman Laurino also oversees the City Council Legislative Reference Bureau.

Alderman Laurino serves as a member of the City Council Committees on Budget and Government Operations; Committees, Rules and Ethics; Finance; Workforce Development and Audit; and Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards.

Margaret Laurino attended St. Edward’s Elementary School and Alvernia High School in Chicago. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master’s Degree in History. Margaret resides in the Sauganash community with husband Randy and their dog Dolly. Her son John lives in Los Angeles.

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